Everyone seems to be selling CBD now. You can buy CBD anywhere, from the tobacco shop down the street to the gas station on the corner. The hemp extract is legal and available everywhere. However, how trustworthy is the tincture sitting on the counter between the 5-Hour Power energy shots and breath mints? You want to enjoy CBD benefits, but how do you do it safely?

The FDA and USDA Don’t Test CBD Products

One reason people are concerned about CBD is the lack of oversight. There are no regulatory agencies that review products, ingredients, check lab results, and ensure each item for sale is safe for consumer consumption. With the wide range of available products containing CBD, such as oils, vape cartridges, edibles, drinks, lotions, patches, and cosmetics, it’s easy to see why there’s a concern.

Dangerous Contaminants in Hemp can be Harmful

A plant extract is a concentrated product. Any contaminants in the plant are also condensed. Catching the contamination before it hits the sales floor is vital to consumer’s health. The industry understands buyer’s concerns. Top brands send a sample from each batch to an independent lab to ensure their extracts are safe for consumption.

Verifying these lab reports or Certificates of Analysis, can be the difference between purchasing safe CBD and extracts with half the cannabinoid levels listed on the label or, worse, higher amounts of THC, heavy metals or pesticides. High levels of the psychoactive component THC, greater than 0.3% are considered illegal. They clash with the benefits of CBD. Instead of reducing anxiety and inducing stress relief, THC increases these negative feelings.

Buy CBD Safely Online

You can purchase CBD safely. Only use items from a trusted brand. There isn’t an oversight agency that’s going to issue a warning over contaminated CBD extracts. Ensure the hemp is grown in the US with GMO-free seeds and without harmful pesticides, insecticides, and synthetic fertilizers. Always review the certificate of analysis.

Also known as a COA, a report from the lab shows each test and every result, such as checks for fertilizers, pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Buyers can avoid the presence of residual solvents by purchasing an extract containing a CO2 process instead of ethanol for removal. Brands often request labs list the cannabinoid and terpene levels for their products. This helps with consistency and reliability. Some companies report much less THC than what’s on the label. Additionally, the benefits of CBD include the terpene profile.

CBD and the rest of hemp’s compounds are popular and effective. The naturally occurring hemp compound is available in a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate formula. Many people enjoy CBD benefits, such as improving sleep quality, relieving everyday inflammation, and reducing anxious thoughts and stress levels. Buy CBD and other premium hemp-based cannabinoids safely at realreleaf.com. We offer 100% safe and legal full spectrum hemp-based products, including balms, capsules, gummies and tinctures, for people and pets.