Everything You Need to Know About Cooking With THC & CBD


Although smoking medical marijuana is one of the most popular methods — it doesn’t work for everyone.

Alternatively, medical marijuana edibles are typically filled with ingredients that may not fit your diet. If you’re ready to have the ultimate freedom with your diet and medical marijuana needs — it’s time to learn about cooking with THC and CBD.

Below, you’ll discover how to begin cooking with THC and CBD and why it’s so simple!

Why You Should Cook With THC and CBD

Aside from the point that ingesting THC or CBD is better for the lungs — there are many reasons why you should cook with THC and CBD.

Below, we’ll briefly touch upon each reason to inspire your motivation to become your own canna chef.

You Can Infuse Anything With THC or CBD Distillate

You’ll always use medical-grade THC or CBD distillate when crafting your own edibles.

If you’ve never heard of distillate, don’t worry — you will in a few moments. Distillate is a fancy word that describes a product that contains an isolated ingredient.

In the case of medical marijuana, THC distillate is a concentration of only THC — and nothing else. The same goes for CBD distillate in which the product contains no other cannabinoids.

By using THC or CBD distillates, you don’t need to cook them to activate them. Instead, the distillation process has already activated the specific cannabinoids, so they are ready to produce effects in an instant.

For example, THC or CBD distillates can easily be added to a smoothie or salad. In other words, THC or CBD distillate can be added to any meal once you’ve measured out your preferred dose.

You Don’t Have to Use Canna Butter

When we mention cooking with THC or CBD — we’re not talking about cannabutter.

Cannabutter is the old-school method that yields spotty results, such as edibles that are too strong or weak. Instead, cooking with THC or CBD entails buying medical-grade THC or CBD distillate at a medical marijuana dispensary near you.

Aside from dosing, THC or CBD distillate doesn’t contain additional saturated fats that can potentially increase bad cholesterol. Therefore, you can say goodbye to canna butter for good!

Cooking With THC or CBD Distillate Won’t Alter the Taste or Smell of Your Food

One of the biggest perks of cooking with THC or CBD distillate is the fact that it won’t transform the aroma or flavor of your food or drinks.

Instead, CBD or THC distillate is typically stripped of its terpene content, making it virtually tasteless and odorless. Thus, you can add THC or CBD distillate to all of your favorite sweet or savory dishes without worrying about that weed smell.

Cooking With THC or CBD is Easy

Another reason why you should try cooking with THC or CBD is that it’s downright simple.

As with any form of cooking — it can be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. As we mentioned previously, everything can be as simple as adding a small dash of THC or CBD distillate to your morning smoothie.

How to Cook With THC or CBD

Next, let’s go over a few vital steps on how to cook with THC or CBD.

Step One

First, you’ll need to go to a local medical marijuana dispensary and pick up medical-grade THC distillate if you are looking to cook with this cannabinoid.

Remember, you’ll need a medical marijuana card in most states to enter the dispensary. If you don’t have an MMJ card yet, don’t worry as Compassionate Healthcare Telehealth will help you get one in many legal states.

For medical grade CBD, we got you covered!!  Just search our site and add you premium distillate to your cart!

Step Two

Make sure you have all your cooking supplies in order.

Whether it’s your de Buyer Country Pan or muffin tin — have everything cleaned and ready to cook. Once all your cooking tools are organized, it’s time to get on to the fun part.

Step Three

Next, you’ll want to measure the amount of THC or CBD distillate you’ll add to the recipe.

When it comes to medical marijuana, everyone has a different tolerance. Therefore, you’ll want to start small at first.

Medical-grade THC or CBD distillate generally comes in 1-gram or more containers. Depending on the quantity of food you’re preparing, you should begin with a quarter gram (or less).

Break out your scale and measure your desired amount. Once done, you can add it with the oil or butter that you’ll use to cook.

Step Four

Now for the fun part — cooking!

Turn up the burner or switch on your electric stove and start cooking! In other words, follow the recipe as you would, even if you weren’t trying to make an infused meal.

Alternatively, you can add the melted THC or CBD distillate as a dressing after you cook the meal. However, when to add THC or CBD distillate to the cooking process is entirely up to you.

Step Five

Once you’ve plated your meal and poured a glass of red wine — it’s time to enjoy your infused creation!

As you can see, cooking with THC or CBD distillate is as easy as it gets. Whether you’re creating a no-cook meal or an in-depth meal for a dinner party, infusing food with THC or CBD is a quick endeavor that yields potent and long-lasting results.

Get Ahold Of Premium CBD or THC and Get Cooking

If you don’t currently have CBD distillate around the house — don’t worry!

Real Releaf CBD has premium distillate options in stock all made in the USA from organic hemp and a hemp-seed oil. If THC is what you seek to cook with, you can reach out and secure your MMJ license from Compassionate Healthcare Telehealth and head directly to a dispensary near you for some top-shelf THC or CBD distillate.

Now you can begin creating potent meals after reading this guide on cooking with THC or CBD distillate!